About Me

Writer and amateur photog. I seek to inspire and inform with the words I write and share and the photos I take. I have written a book of short stories: Terra Cotta Beauty, and I am working on a lot more. Reading and writing fuel my energy. In reading, I explore this vast and diverse world, in reading I employ my over-active imagination and address the ‘what-if’ questions that life often throws at us.

I derive utmost pleasure and satisfaction in reading, (as long as it is not too technical or scientific  and is intellectually stimulating, I’ll read it), writing (short stories are my niche, but I am delightfully breaking into longer prose), collecting quotations (from the wise to the witty, the insightful to the intellectual, I soak up these up as nuggets of fuel for the journey through life), taking photographs (in my photos, I capture the beauty in the simple and somewhat overlooked things in life), and listening to music (as long as it is not crude, vulgar, suggestive or offensive and lyrically stimulating, I will listen to it).