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Writer and amateur photog. I seek to inspire and inform with the words I write and share and the photos I take. I have written a book of short stories: Terra Cotta Beauty, and I am working on a lot more. Reading and writing fuel my energy. In reading, I explore this vast and diverse world, in writing, I employ my over-active imagination and address the 'what-if' questions that life often throws at us.


The Incredibly Brilliant Kelvin Doe

By on March 16, 2017

Creativity is universal and can be found in lots of places where one does not expect to find it. Perseverance and passion are essential in nurturing that creative ability.


It’s Thursday so we will throwback a little. Back to this post I did when I found out about the very industrious Kelvin Doe. At the age of sixteen, he was the youngest person to be invited to MIT’s prestigious Visiting Practitioners. Here is he is again, dazzlingly brilliant as he prepares to speak at the TEDx Teen. He continues to steadfastly inspire.


Full presentation of ‘Persistent Experimentation’ at TEDx Teen presentation: