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Falz and Simi: Foreign

By on November 2, 2016


I have had the song Foreign on repeat most of today as my musical inspiration while I write . Taken off the EP album Chemistry, composed of duets with soulful newcomer Simi and musical bahdboy Falz. The song leads with a sibilant hiss from Falz as he embarks on a vent fest admonishing those who think that he is local and do not recognize the international flavor in him.  Foreign is replete with Falz’s signature style which he uses to indirectly pay homage to the heavily accented Yoruglish speakers. This is the style that led to his meteoric explosion onto the global scene and made him an Instagram darling with quips like:  I sincerely believe, if you have an hopportunity to taste my delicacy, you will be stucked on – and earned my unwavering respect: I have a thing for people who keep it real and Falz certainly keeps it real. In Foreign, he takes his style to a new level of tomfoolery: Sho mo Cameron, iyen Boda David (referring to former British Prime Minister David Cameron), he is a close friend, I used to drive his helicopter. He reminds those listening that he is so janded as Simi reinforces this by crooning ewa agoyin is not my type o, I am into burger. They both totally slay on this one.


Lately Falz seems to be collaborating a lot with Simi, and the provocative album title and cover photo has many speculating that these two are or should be an item. What is clear is these two make good music together. I first saw them together in the video for Simi’s Jamb Question, where Falz had more of a cameo appearance and saved the best for the very last as he waxed lyrical to the dying beat of the song – leaving us wanting more as  only he can.

I always marvel at Falz’s uncanny ability to effortlessly vacillate between his heavily accented Yoruglish to perfectly elucidated English, and a little of this can be seen in the video – or perhaps we should just call it a short movie – for Soldier (another collaboration with Simi), directed by the über-talented Clarence Peters.

I can’t wait to see the video for Foreign. If their past videos are anything to go by, it is guaranteed to have a mixture of color and hilarity.

You can listen to Foreign and other songs by Falz and Simi on Spotify, Pandora or iHeartRadio.
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