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2015: The Year of the Disappointing Oscar Nominations #nothatingjustsaying

By on January 25, 2015

It has been a while since I have nurtured my doubts about the objectivity of the folks at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences when it comes to selecting nominees for the Oscars. I have pretty much kept my doubts to myself, but this year I have to unleash a little bit of my fury. The source of this fury is my utter disappointment at the Academy’s complete disregard of the brilliant work done by David Oyelowo and the directorial prowess of Ava Duvernay in Selma. The Washington Post’s Ann Hornaday puts it perfectly when she writes:

“In a year when the thoughtful civil rights film, which chronicled the voting rights movement in 1965, dovetailed perfectly with current events, the oversight seems all the more stack.”

If Ms. Duvernay had received a nomination, she would have crossed the Rubicon to become the first African-American woman to have been nominated in the directing category.

The lack of diversity in this year’s selection is heartbreaking in an industry that has made so many breakthroughs in diversifying film offerings. As Ms. Hornaday says: “When the Academy nominates sturdy but unremarkable fare like “American Sniper” [Bradley Cooper who is nominated for the lead role in this movie has unfairly already garnered four previous nominations, #nothatingjustsaying] and “The Imitation Game” [was this story not already told in 2001’s Enigma. I admire Benedict Cumberbatch’s acting skills, but again, diversity #nothatingjustsaying] – both examples of lucid, engrossing storytelling, but neither a technical or artistic knock-out – it’s keeping one slow-moving foot stubbornly in the past”. I also need to add that Meryl Streep earned her 19th nomination. I think Ms. Streep is one of the most talented character actors of our time. I believe the Academy thinks so too. When she won the Oscar for her role in The Iron Lady, I remember she went on stage and said “I just heard the whole world collectively sigh”. Bless her! She gets that she is loved and appreciated, but seriously, Oscar folks…1,2, 3……19. We get it, she is that good. Give someone else a chance, already!!!

It is heartbreaking and disappointing but it does not take away the fact that those that the Academy overlooked continue to shine on the screen. I love this interview of Mr. Oyelowo on Live with Kelly and Michael

And here he is in Selma. Brilliant acting!:

Here he is again at the 2015 Critics Award, looking ever so stylish, he lined his jacket with lyrics to Dr. King’s favorite songs. I think he should have been nominated. #nothatingjustsaying

Source: Us Weekly