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Who Makes You Laugh? Falz The BahdGuy, Trevor Noah. Odunlade. Sanyeri

By on December 5, 2014

Full disclosure: I don’t watch a lot of TV. In fact, I have not really dedicated time to watching a TV show since Lost went off the air. I got hooked on Resurrection for a little bit. I even enjoyed live-tweeting as I watched the show and made some Twitter friends along the way. For some reason, which even I can’t explain, I just lost interest in it and maybe it is a short time thing but I have not watched Resurrection in over a month now. I did watch Season 1 of Crossbones…John Malkovich is brilliantly devious in this. But, the thing is, I watched the entire season on the NBC app on my iPad when time permitted.

Suffice to say that for the most part, sitting in front of a TV screen has not been on my agenda for quite a while and I get most of my visual entertainment from the internet.

I want to take some time out to mention two gentlemen whose matchless talent in dispensing humor have made me guffaw ever so loudly in recent times.

First off, there is Falz theBahdhGuy. The interesting thing about Falz is that he is actually a musical entertainer and not a comedian. He is the reason I toddle off to Instagram as often as I can. The 15 second videos that he delivers have me in different sets of stitches. Unfortunately, the humor in his craft will be lost on a lot of non-Nigerians. Here is the first video I saw of him:

And that’s how #IAmAlsoonPinging was born

And if there was ever any doubt that Falz could actually entertain musically:

And then there is Trevor Noah. South African, his humor transcends all cultural barriers. Here are a couple of examples:

I have to also honorably mention Odunlade and Sanyeri who keep me entertained (often when I am in the middle of a pile of ironing chores) on Yoruba movies. You guys totally rock!