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Anne Hidalgo: The First Female Mayor of Paris

By on April 17, 2014

Another reason to love Paris. The city just elected its first female mayor – Anne Hidalgo. She spent 13 years as the deputy mayor before being elected mayor in the last elections in what has been described as a ‘groundbreaking moment for women in politics’.

Here are a five things you need to know about Ms. Hidalgo:

1. She is Spanish. Her family comes from the Spanish town of Cádiz but she has been living in France since she was a toddler.

2. She is a staunch environmentalist. One of her campaign promises is to start a free moped system called Scooterlieb. She would also like more pedestrian walkways and green spaces in the world’s fashion capital

3. She is not a fashionista. It would seem inevitable that the first female mayor of the world’s most fashionable city would be a fashion icon, but that is just feeding into a stereotype. In an interesting irony, her mother was a dressmaker

I am an elected official and not a model. I like a subdued style and not bling-blingAnne Hidalgo in Women’s Wear Daily

4. She is one of only four sitting female mayors in the world today. Count Capetown’s Patricia de Lille, Warsaw’s Hanna Gronkiewicz-Walz and Ana Botella and that is it.

5. She does not like Scientology and has openly protested against the religion

Source: Time Magazine