Jola Naibi

Writer and amateur photog. I seek to inspire and inform with the words I write and share and the photos I take. I have written a book of short stories: Terra Cotta Beauty, and I am working on a lot more. Reading and writing fuel my energy. In reading, I explore this vast and diverse world, in writing, I employ my over-active imagination and address the 'what-if' questions that life often throws at us.


My First Tweet: Throw Back Thursday

By on March 20, 2014

Someone posted their first tweet on twitter and it made me realize that I am on there a lot more these days than I was in the past. I decided that it was time to go down Twitter Memory Lane. So this tweet was in response to this article which made me giggle. Pun intended. Then I remembered that I wrote something else when I was trying to break into Twitterville.  What can I say: “A Twit Tweets on Twitter on Throwback Thursday”