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Barkhad Abdi: You are the Captain Now!

By on February 19, 2014

I am  really hoping that Barkhad Abdi receives this year’s Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his incredibly brilliant portrayal of Somali pirate leader Abduwali Muse in last year’s Captain Phillips.

He starred alongside Tom Hanks who was the title character. Now, Mr. Hanks is a very versatile and convincing actor so a first-time actor could easily be overlooked in carving out his craft, but not Mr. Abdi, he was the ultimate scene stealer.

It was interesting to learn that Mr. Abdi and Mr. Hanks met for the first time in character when the spine-chilling words: ‘Look at me! I am the captain now!’ were first uttered.

From very humble beginnings, Mr. Abdi’s story is moving and the original ‘against all odds’ tale:

It was very encouraging to see him win the 2014 BAFTA for Best Supporting Actor. A full list of the other winners (including fellow Nigerian Chiwetel Ejiofor) is here

Yes, sir. You are the captain now! Oscars here we come…