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iOS 7: Love it or Hate it? It is Here to Stay

By on September 25, 2013
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First, let me start with a quick disclaimer: I am neither a techie nor an Apple junkie. I am just a humble smartphone user who thinks the iPhone is a practical way to help me multitask my busy life. Let’s just say it appeals to my ambidextrous nature.

So, I was pretty happy to find myself ahead of the curve when the Wizards at Apple unleashed the iOS 7 on the public.

Contrary to previous experience when it comes to things of this nature, the forces of wi-fi cooperated with me and ala,s I was able to download the new system without any glitches. Also, unexpected was how different everything would be. It was almost like learning to drive a new car.

Someone I spoke with over the weekend, told me they would rather wait ’til all the glitches had been fixed and then jump on the iOS bandwagon. Woe betide me for being too fast on the take, and I was pretty much sulking and trying hard to suck up to this new operating system and then, I stumbled on this article from my good friends at Time Magazine and I fell in love with my iOS 7 although part of me still misses my old iOS buddies.