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The Evolution of the Job Market

By on August 7, 2013

I just stumbled on this interesting article which provides a list of 12 jobs that might no longer be relevant in today’s evolving job market. Here are two that caught my eye:

Librarian: Shelved or renewed?

Glamour girl Google and her friends Bing, Yahoo and Cha Cha dethroned the trusty silencer of the stacks, our public librarian.

Now, the local library is online, shoes and shirts are no longer required and we can use our “outdoor voice” indoors if we are so inspired. Will the decibel diva’s future be shelved?

Verdict: Evolved. Although virtual media and the Internet search deleted the Dewey decimal system, people still enjoy reading books the old-fashioned way and appreciate research help. The new librarian is a digital archivist, savvy with searches, keywords and helpful websites. 

Travel agents: A few reservations

Travel used to be two steps: Call a travel agent, then pack. Travelers’ biggest concerns involved dodging the in-laws intent on a family vacation, and squeezing into last season’s bathing suits.

But with booking and travel details accessible online now, almost anyone can research destinations, make reservations and be their own agent. And just wish they had a travel agent when the hotel is overbooked and that tropical depression gets seriously angry.

Verdict: Evolving. Surviving agencies live in a niche. Secure your career by specializing in adventure/foreign travel or special event packages.

Thankful for Heather Dugan‘s direct and witty writing style in sharing this.