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The Adventures of Redford

By on November 1, 2012

And so it’s Hallowe’en and while I have never understood the idea behind this much loved holiday (yes, candy is a good idea sometimes), but it is always a good idea to have a reason to get dressed. I am not a big fan of some of the ghoulish costumes some people seem to have acquired a taste for (I am not judging…to each his own), there are some costumes that are just too cute and some characters that are just screaming for you to create costumes of them. This brings me to my latest guilty pleasure and super-fantastic craze: Mega Run. Yes, it’s a game. If you have one of Apple devices: phone, pod, pad, this is one of the most loved FREE apps.

It follows our cute cuddly buddy Redford through a series of daring adventures from Woodland Grove and beyond. With lovely upbeat soundtrack, you find you head bobbing along even as Redford descends to the marshy ground below. Redford is such a cuddly sweet red creature, it would be so fantastic to go somewhere dressed as him.

The creators of Redford and Mega Run also seem to think Redford is a great Hallowe’en mascot. Check out the Redgourd that appeared on their Facebook page this afternoon.

I might just re-name Hallowe’en, RedGourd day, no other character can make a pumpkin look this cute.