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In India

By on October 15, 2012

India’s cities are large, charmless and badly put together. This is one reason why the country remains mostly rural. Narendra Modi, the chief minister of Gujarat talks about a rurban life. People stay out of already crowded cities and focus is made on the development of the rural areas by providing the internet, electricity, schools and jobs to residents.

The number of town dwellers in the country is 377 million and continues to grow at a rate of 5 million per
year. The future will see India’s urban population rising faster and doubling by the middle of the 21st century.

One city to watch is Surat in Gujarat. With a population of 4.5 million, 96% of residents pay municipal taxes. The local economy is thriving on diamond polishing, textiles, petrol products. Residents attribute the city’s success to good governance. The kind that makes them want to trust the city officials.

Source: The Economist Special Focus on India

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