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Books & Bed Nets

By on April 25, 2010

Every year nearly one million people die from malaria which is caused by a mosquito bite. 4 out of 5 of those deaths are in children under the age of five. Malaria is a constant threat to millions of people in more than 40% of the countries of our world.

Today is World Malaria Day. It is a day to celebrate the giant strides that have been made by those countries in the world that have successfully eradicated malaria but it is also a day for deep reflection. This is because even today, 2,000 children could lose their lives as a result of malaria, the same thing could happen again tomorrow and the day after.

Malaria can easily be prevented by using a bed net, which will keep mosquitoes out. Many of the people who need to know this do not and many of those who do know do not have the resources to purchase a bed net.

Today, the Remi Caxton-Naibi Foundation is launching a new program called Books & Bed Nets. This program is expected to create an awareness of the importance of bed nets in the prevention of malaria. Since many of the malaria-endemic areas of the world also have low literacy rates, the program also hopes to promote a reading culture and and an appreciation of literature among children and young adults.

The program will use a number of child-friendly tools such as the Public Service Announcement (PSA) below to deliver its message and accomplish its goal.

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