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(The Hassle of) Air Travel in the 21st Century II

By on April 12, 2010

So this month came the news that Spirit airlines a US-based passenger airline will be charging passengers as much as US$45 for carry-on baggage. Read about that here. This is guaranteed to add more to the hassle of air travel in the 21st century. I found the following predictions of what the airlines will be charging pretty hilarious –

In the likely even of loss of cabin pressure, oxygen masks will drop down. To start the flow of oxygen simply insert your credit card.

$100 – On-Time Departure Fee; $25 – Delay Complaint Fee

View seating (formerly window seats) – $10; Access seating (formerly aisle seats – $10)

$20 to use roll-away stairs to enter or exit the aircraft in lieu of non-charge rope ladder alternative

$9 fee for bumping your head on the overhead bin as you take your seat; $3 additional penalty for looking up at the bin after you bump into it

(The Hassle of) Air Travel in the 21st Century