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Suby and Sinem

By on November 27, 2007

I was passing through London on my way back from Lagos a few weeks ago. It was not a particularly good trip for me given the reason I went home and on a whim I happened to pick up a copy of the British edition of the November issue of Marie Claire. I thumbed through idly, my mind in a million other places until I came across this article (see photo) featuring two of my favorite people in the photoblog community.

If you have never visited their page, may I recommend that you do. It was so amazing the way seeing this one article managed to lighten my mood and actually made the rest of the trip a little bit more bearable.

I guess I may have just been searching aimlessly for something remotely familiar and I was so grateful to have found it

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    November 28, 2007

    Their pics are incredible, right? Masterpieces, some of them!

    Anyway, sorry I have been MIA…I need to try and breathe. When I do, we will catch up, she? Let’s go have coffee at Starbucks if you ever have the time…

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    Jola Naibi

    December 5, 2007

    Yep…you bet they are. It is interesting how the world of photography has evolved…nowadays the photograph of an every day object like an umbrella put in the right lighting and pixellated in the proper way can add another dimension to people’s points of view

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    December 31, 2007

    Hey! It’s us! Glad Suby and I made your long journey bearable and glad to know we’re your fave peeps on photoblogger!

    Have a wonderful 2008!

    Sin (& Subs)