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Heroes Monday

By on July 2, 2007

Heroes Monday is a weekly feature about the American TV show ~ Heroes. It includes character and actor profiles as well as bits of trivia and a spotlight on a real hero.

How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes
Maya Angelou

Niki/Jessica Sanders portrayed by Ali Larter
I have to admit that the character of Niki/Jessica is one that I find a bit confusing because I am not sure when one is the other. One thing is certain, whichever one inhabits the body, has superhuman strength coupled with the unconditional love both characters have for Micah. She is a cross between good and evil on the series but most of the evil she has done has been in order to protect her family.

Ali Trivia
She can be seen in the 1999 movie Varsity Blues opposite her good friend Amy Smart

She also starred with Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde

She performed in the stage play of the Vagina Monologues in NYC in 2001

Prior to starring on Heroes she made appearances on Dawson’s Creek, Chicago Hope and Just Shoot Me!
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Real Hero ~ Zinhle Thabethe
She is an AIDS activist from Durban, South Africa, who has had to endure discrimination and near-death experiences as a result of her HIV serostatus. She brought to the limelight the reality of treatment of HIV/AIDS for the average African by stating – Africans do not know what western time is. Many people in Africa have never seena clock or a watch their entire lives, in order to point out that the Western system does not necessarily apply to the African context in terms of taking life-prolonging medications against HIV-infection. Ms Thabethe sings with Sinkithemba, a group of 30 South Africans living with HIV who blend a traditional Zulu and gospel to produce heart-stirring melodies. She is a mother and a nurturer, a fighter and a hero

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    July 3, 2007

    Wow, powerful clip. Did she say she’s the only one on ARV’s out of the group? Does that mean the others are just waiting for it to get into full blown AIDS? I seriously hope not, that wont be right. I wonder what the situation is in Nigeria. I love the group and their spirit, and like they said, its important to keep up hope alive, at all times. I wish them all the best. I’ll definitely be doing some research about this on Naija. Aunty J, have a lovely week. And, Luther Vandross was a really lovely singer, he wont be forgotten soon. Oh yeah, Zappos is really cool, i know a number of people who swear by it.

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