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May I recommend

By on June 30, 2007

We have a family wedding in a couple of weeks. I love weddings, just the thought of two individuals and their families being united seems so special to me. What I am not too fond of is the preparation leading up to the wedding…especially when it comes to selecting the clothes et al. Don’t get me wrong…I like to dress up and look good but the prospect of going to a mall and searching for matching shoes and bags for some obscure color like fuschia pink is the worst kind of punishment for me.

This is what I was faced with late last year when I scanned the wedding announcement which had details of the outfits for family members. I was hoping (seriously hoping) that I could get away with using a pair of shoes and matching bag in my arsenal of…but alas it was not to be and so in the months leading up to the wedding, I felt like there was a proverbial monkey on my neck as I realized that I needed to get with the program and go to the nearest mall…and begin my search.

That is until I found Zappos. If you are like me and would rather spend an hour in the bookstore in a mall than at the shoe store trying on shoes and matching them with bags and other accessories, then you might find this information useful. From the nice comfort of your computer, you get to browse an assortment of shoes and bags and have them sent to you by the next working day. Overnight shipping is free…so if you order at a certain hour of the day say on a Tuesday, chances are you could be trying on your shoes by Wednesday. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can send it back just as long as you have not walked around in it on concrete, pebbled, cobbled, etc ground. Plus, which is a big plus, you have a whole year to return.

Their range of shoes is quite wide but like every good thing, there are two slight snags. First, overnight shipping is only available for locations in the continental US; second the shoes are quite pricey and I only recommend them for special occasions unless of course there is a sale on and then you can get a good bargain.

My humble recommendation- Take a peek at Zappos, if you see what you like at a good price, you save yourself a trip to the store – this includes finding parking, chasing after the kids who want to go in the opposite direction of you, buying an overpriced Caramel Frapuccino from $tarbuck$ and any other thing that you get up to in the mall. Hope this helps someone out there the way it did me

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    July 18, 2007

    Yeah! I Love Zappos! I like them because they have great customer service and they value their customers well. also they have nice and great shoes too. I just love them. In fact, i got my 4 pairs of zappos from already.

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