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Heroes Monday

By on June 25, 2007
Heroes Monday is a weekly feature about the American TV show ~ Heroes. It includes character and actor profiles as well as bits of trivia and a spotlight on a real hero.

Heroes, notwithstanding the high ideas which, by the means of flatterers, they may entertain of themselves, or the world may conceive of them, have certainly more of mortal than divine about them. Henry Fielding

Hiro Nakamura portrayed by Masi Oka

Hiro is a huge science fiction aficionado who has arrived in the US in the company of his side-kick Ando in order to fulfill their destiny which they have seen in the comic books drawn by Isaac Mendez. His superpower ability is to manipulate space and time which has led to him jumping back and forth between various eras. The end of the last season, saw him centuries behind the actual reality of the show.

Masi Trivia
In 1987, he was featured on the August 31 cover of Time Magazine as one of Asian-American whiz kids

He used to work with George Lucas’ visual special effects company and nursed an ambition of one day earning an Oscar for technical work
He has a BSc in Computer Science and Mathematics
On the show, he translates his dialogues himself from English to Japanese
He was recently named Coolest Geek by Spike TV Guys Choice Awards

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Real Heroes ~ Judea and Ruth Pearl
One of the hardest things for parents to deal with is the loss of a child and it becomes even more painful when the death can be perceived as senseless. Anytime I think of the parents of Daniel Pearl – the Wall Street Journal reporter who was the victim of a brutal killing- the words of the song What’s Goin’ On by Marvin Gaye pop into my head. Only love can conquer hate.

Judea and Ruth Pearl founded the Daniel Pearl Foundation as a way of fostering harmony between Jews and Muslims in the world. The foundation promotes cross-cultural understanding through journalism, music and innovative communcations.
No one would have blamed this couple if they had become bitter and hateful on the contrary, they took the higher ground and proved that the power of love is a force like no other which can also be a calming balm for troubled souls