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Reid and Soanya – Fifty days and counting

By on June 20, 2007

You might remember Reid and Soanya…on their incredible journey on sea without touching dry land for 1,000 days. Just thought I’d give a brief update for those of us who have not had a chance to visit their blog. They recently completed fifty days and here are some excerpts of what they had to say

ReidFirst of all, I’m so happy to have Soanya. I remember that all the time and act appreciative, the same way that I’m appreciative that we are finally on the sea. I knew Soanya for three years as a friend. Not a lot was revealed then. When she decided to go, my answer was yes and suddenly she was with me and we adapted completely. I am lucky that she is such a lovely woman to be with and I certainly believe that on all occasions, a man is naturally blessed if he has the love of a good woman. That Soanya turned out to have an inner wisdom and strength is something I am grateful for every day.

SoanyaI know many people are wondering: Are they getting along? Do they argue? Do they annoy each other to no end? We don’t argue or annoy each other. Part of that is if we don’t like something the other person is doing, we point it out right away and other person should remember not to do it again. Part is also that we match each other really well. Truth be told we’re in some kind of heaven in terms of our relationship. There are times when we just hold each other and observe our environment. Last night we laid down on the yoga platform and watched the stars. It was a clear warm night with only some clouds on the horizon. If I knew the names of constellations I’d have been able to name every one. We saw some shooting stars too.

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