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Heroes Monday

By on June 18, 2007
Heroes Monday is a weekly feature about the American TV show ~ Heroes. In addition to character and actor profiles as well as bits of trivia, it includes a spotlight on a real hero.

The real hero is always a hero by mistake; he dreams of being an honest coward like everybody else. Umberto Eco (1932 – ), Travels in Hyperreality

Claire Bennet portrayed by Hayden Panetierre

Save the Cheerleader…Save the World was (and for some of us still is) the original mantra for Heroes and the indestructible Claire is the cheerleader that they speak of. Her superpower ability is her indestructibility and she is one character who has struggled with a lot of emotional upheaval in the last season. She found out who her real parents are – both of whom have superpowers thereby giving meaning to the saying – the apple does not fall far from the tree – but discovered her true love and loyalty lies with her adopted parents especially her father whom we learn will go through the fire and back for her

Hayden Trivia
She started her acting career before she could speak and as a child she took on a number of roles including in American soap operas.She played the annoying but memorable little girl in the movie – Remember the Titans She is currently working on a debut album set for release sometime in the summer She takes karate and boxing lessons Her surname – pronounced Pan-Uh-Tee-Aire-Ee – is the Italian translation of Baker

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Real Hero~ Rose Mapendo
Ms Mapendo’s story is one of courage and perseverance in the face of extreme adversity. She and her family were imprisoned during the period of ethnic cleansing of the Rwandan genocide and her husband was subsequently executed. Ms Mapendo delivered twin boys prematurely while in captivity and fought against all odds to keep them and the rest of their siblings alive. They were eventually rescued and resettled in the US after a series of episodes during which the twins – now bustling young boys- almost lost their lives. Ms Mapendo is the recipient of the Volvo for Life Award – and her hame Mapendo translated from Swahili means ‘great love’ and she has channeled her spirit into an organization for people displaced by conflict called – Mapendo International

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    June 21, 2007

    Courage is the art of being the only person who knows you’re afraid.

    Inspiring story, jola.

    Jahman said you didn’t get in touch.