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Summer Housekeeping Notes

By on June 1, 2007

In case there was any doubt in anyone’s mind SUMMER’S HERE!!!

I think the title of the post is a bit misleading so I’ll explain – The Housekeeping Notes are actually meant to inform readers of what to expect from What a Colorful World! during the summer months and possibly beyond.

Here’s a rundown ~

Heroes Monday– This is actually for selfish reasons because I predict that I will be getting withdrawal symptoms from one of my favorite TV shows and so inspired by Snazzy’s Corper Sunday, I will be starting Heroes Monday next Monday leading up to when the show starts up again in the Fall. Heroes Monday will feature clips, character and actor profiles, trivia, etc…anything to do with the TV show. It will include a mini-spotlight on a real-life HERO living in our midst

Music Video of the Week – This is new this summer and I am hoping to have it continue beyond the summer months. Courtesy of YouTube and MySpace…I’ll be featuring a music video every week…it will not necessarily be current music (I hardly keep up with those these days) but anything from the soft and mellow to the upbeat and swinging

Summer Movie Previews – These have already started and will continue every week until the end of the summer. Expect to see this either on Thursday or Friday…it strictly depends on workload and how the spirit catches me

La Racontrice will still continue to raconter through the summer and beyond…expect to see a new short story next week.

More than anything, the blog will retain its organized spontaneity as much as possible and so blogging will continue at whatever pace Ms Naibi can keep up.

Naija Bloggers reading this, please don’t forget to submit your work if you would like to be featured in the Naija Bloggers Book. Deadline is June 15 (exactly two weeks to go) Click here for more details

Special thanks to all who continue to read the blog. Please stay safe and may the Lord always hold you in the palm of His hand


Music Video of the Week ~ Here’s Soul II Soul bringing us into the summer with an all-time classic simply called Joy

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    June 1, 2007

    tanks for the shout out, though keeping to a schedule’s gonna be pretty tough. I can witness. Though I have faith in you. (enthusiastic cheerleader thing) aiight i’m done. laters