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1000 days at sea

By on April 23, 2007
Photo appears courtesy of TheOceans.Net

Take a man, a woman, a boat and the open sea and what do you get – Reid Stowe and Soanya Ahmad on what is bound to be a fascinating adventure as they journey non-stop on the open sea in 1000 days. Mr Stowe is a seasoned sailor while Ms Ahmad is a trained photographer who will be documenting their adventure in photos. The 70 feet, 60 ton schooner which will be their home at sea for the next 24,000 hours, 1,440,000 minutes and 86,400,000 seconds is called Anne.
Loaded with three years worth of food and I must add a great deal of willpower, they set off on what is bound to be an incredible yet colorful odyssey on Saturday April 21, 2007 and plan to be back on land in 2010.
Additional background information is available here
Photos and updates of this colorful odyssey are on the 1000 days at sea blog

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    omohemi Benson

    April 25, 2007

    Back on land in 2010?
    Wow! I like their spirit, wish I could be part of it, but am sure they are packing plenty other things apart from food.

    I will go check their blog for more details. This will be fun!

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    April 26, 2007

    .One thing I don’t get: Reid’s blog only lists HIM as the storyteller, he doesn’t even mention Soanya’s name in the subtitle. And he gloats in another post at how Yahoo listed his news story as Number One all day Sunday, as if he is in this more for rating and Fame and PR for his book and movie later, than really doing this for real reasons. He is a fame seeker. Like all Americans. see the subtitle of his blog. he is not for real and he is not giving Soanya credit. WHY? is he is this for OTHER reasons. the media should be asking this?

    This is how REid’s blog reads now: “1000 Days Non-stop at Sea:
    Stories of Reid Stowe (sic), the Schooner (sic) Anne, and her Quest (Sic) to set a new sailing record of 1,000 Days @ Sea w/o stopping or resupply.”

    Notice no mention of Soanya’s name there. Why is that? I wrote to him on his blog and asked him to correct his to say “stories of Reid Stowe and Soanya Ahmad…..” But he deletede my comment and refused to make change. Go figure.

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    Jola Naibi

    April 26, 2007

    @Omohemi – I know…isn’t it exciting…I have added them to my list of people to pray for daily…just the willpower alone is an inspiration

    @Anon – Thanks for stopping by. I think if you look at the background info on their website…it tells you that Soanya just joined the team…I believe it was in the last year or so…Reid has been sailing professionally for a while and has an established reputation as a seasoned sailor…so it may have been easy to overlook her while they were in the middle of the preparation plus I get the sense that she may not have been eager to committ 100% at first and it may have been a wait and see approach before she decided to go along…I mean it is a big undertaking for someone who has never sailed…wouldn’t you agree. That being said, check out their blog again and you will notice that the intro text has been changed to include Soanya.
    Also, I don’t think he is gloating…but even if he is you have to agree that it something to toot your horn about. But I understand it from his POV that if he does not blow his trumpet and seek some fame as you put it, he will not be able to get sponsors to support this journey which at the end of the day is what people who undergo these adventures depend on a great deal. Also let’s not make sweeping generalizations about Americans…it is almost the same as is often done about Nigerians…I don’t know your nationality but I am sure you would not like a one-shoe fits all generalization associated with you and yours…I don’t know these two personally but I admire their courage and perseverance and I will watch eagerly to see how it all turns out