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One World Cup

By on June 11, 2006

So it is time once more for the world to celebrate the beauty of soccer. The World Cup comes to town. I read earlier in the week that the World Cup is the one true international sporting event…the writer writing in this month’s National Geographic also alluded to the Olympics…for me the Olympics are always fun on opening day and during the closing ceremonies…it is always so hard to keep up these days with the number of sports and sportsmen and women that we have competing at the Olympics that I end up giving up.

So for me, I have to admit that the World Cup is the one international sporting event that I can relate to completely. I caught the start of the games during the weekend…it was the match between Iran and Mexico and apart from watching the players tackle each other to get to the holier than holy goal post and score the winning goal, one thing struck me while the Iranians and Mexicans were playing…they could all have been brothers from the same family. The similarity of their features was so striking to me that I kept asking my husband to remind me which color jerseys the Iranians were wearing and which color jerseys the Mexicans were wearing. Later, during the week, I skipped over to the FIFA World Cup website to find out which teams were playing this year…and the diversity of the teams – Croatia, Mexico, Angola…coupled with my perceptions of the similarities in features between the teams I had watched duel it out on the field the other day…made me realize that we are all one no matter how different we look, speak, act…we are descendants of one. While not everyone would agree with me for looking at the world in such dare-i-say innocent eyes, it is still worth lending a thought too.

Thank you for reading if you made it this far, this my debut into the world of blogging. I have called my blogspot – What a colorful world! for just that reason…we do live in a colorful world and the thing about colors is that some of them are so different from each other while some of them are so similar – beige and cream – purple and green. Some one once said that if we all look the same what a colorful world we will be missing and that we need to embrace the differences in ourselves. I hope you will stop by again…I entered the world of blogging for one reason…I love to write and if I can pour out a little bit of my perceptions onto these pages …tant mieux (so much the better)
You will find a lot of my opinions and perceptions in this blogspot, but to be honest, I would simply want to learn more. Years ago someone told me that you learn something new everyday and for a long time when I was about to fall asleep, I would ask myself…what new thing did I learn today…hope I can learn a lot of new things on this blog about myself and the colorful world we inhabit

Till next time!


November 3, 2006